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Vucinic Addict [userpic]

Strictly Come Dancing Show 2 19/9/09

September 20th, 2009 (07:27 pm)

Where I am: Dancing Around The Front Room
How I Feel: satisfied
What I'm Listening Too: Whatever it is in the background of Rickys dance!

Jade and Ian - Cha cha cha
Started off confident, looked a little uncomfortable in many parts, some very good moves, used the floor very well. Some clean lines and really good body roll, but really at times she looked like she was counting and didn’t look comfortable. Nice ending and AMAZING splits!

I didn’t look around Jade like Len, but agree that she has good legs and that it was fun and enjoyable but needs a little work on the technical side. The judges overall said that she had a good performance which I think is true she embodied the dance well, but a few improvements in the actual dancing aspect.

6 - 7 - 7 - 7 = 27
(Overall 52)


Ali and Brian - Rumba
Her face is the only problem I’m ever going to have with them, at times she looked scared out of her face but I know that’s just a normal look for her. Technically I don’t think the dance was as good as the waltz but was still amazing for their first latin. Good lines, didn’t use the room that well, Brian did good to make sure that the attention was on Ali. A few little stumbles and she looked uncomfortable trying to act out the romance of the dance. It is one of the hardest latin dances though and I think Brian made a dance that wasn’t too romantic so therefore didn’t need to much acting. Good attempt.

Agreed that there was too much posing during the dance. Agree that she needed a little more hip action and Bruno was right that she has the potential to be the best dancer we’ve seen on Strictly.

7 - 7 - 8 - 8 = 30
(Overall 60)


Lynda and Darren - Cha cha cha
No hips, technically awful, off the beat, stumbled a little, very wooden… But you can’t help but love her. She danced, she had a smile on her face and the enjoyment of dancing came out in the dance. Feel a little sorry for Darren being partnered with her but I love her and don’t care what others say she’s fabulous.

Agreed that she has great enthusiasm and the spirit of the dance. And we do have a good time with her. It was neat and sharp.

5 - 6 - 6 - 6 = 23
(Overall 44)


Rav and Aliona - Rumba
Very wooden, no hips. Got into character alright but was like a pole for Aliona to dance around instead of her actual partner. Not enough chemistry between the two which had a lot to do with the fact he wasn’t really dancing but walking. Not enough use of the space.

I don’t agree that this dance was better then the Tango, I think the tango was a good strong ballroom dance especially for a first dance the Rumba was just wooden. Agree so much with Craig that it was awkward and full of postering and posing and what was even worse was that was mainly Aliona Rav really didn’t do much. And Len was right that they need to dance more as a couple not as Aliona around Rav.

4 - 6 - 5 - 7 = 22
(Overall 41)


Chris and Ola - Rumba
Total shock! For the second night going!! Acted the dance well, lovely arms, good movement, good hip action. Looked comfortable dancing on his own, moved around and actually danced. Brilliant routine choreographed by Ola to show off Chris. His hands scare me a bit but he kept his lines. Really got the character of the dance really well, lacked a little bit of chemistry but to be fair they’ve only been dancing together a few weeks so it was always going to be a bit hard to have that instant chemistry. Really good dance.

Agree with Craig it was rather brilliant (in posh Craig voice) and there was a real emotional connection (I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself but an emotional connection and chemistry are different for me). Twas a good dance. And the hand - didn’t I say hands.

7 - 8 - 7 - 8 = 30
(Overall 56)

8/10 - Purely because they deserved to be higher then Ali I wouldn’t really give a 8 to a first dance but meh.

Joe and Kristina - Cha cha cha
No hip action, he’s not got any rhythm, hunched too much and kind of plodded his way through the dance. He didn’t get into the character very well and there was a few mistakes. Very slow, Kristina looked like she was dancing and dragging him around at the same time.

Don’t agree that he gave a performance at all, he had no character in the dance at all. He did smile but that doesn’t show personality. TOTALLY agree with Bruno that the foot work was awful and the rhythm was awful. And Craig ‘Rigor Mortis’ so true and funny. *Nod of the head*

2 - 5 - 5 - 4 = 16
(Overall 32)


Martina and Matthew - Rumba
Used her arms well, stumbled a bit. Her face like Alis put me off as she had that big cheesy grin on her face. The best bit for me was the drag across the floor. The dance was dramatic but not acted dramatic enough, her posture was lost a few times. I really don’t see the chemistry between the two of them and felt the dance was a little flat.

Agree that she sometimes make beautiful shapes but in transitions it was all lost. Agree that it was very flat footed.

5 - 6 - 7 - 6 = 24
(Overall 46)


Ricky and Erin - Cha cha cha
Nice start. So entertaining, he had so much personality in it but his mouth he looked like a fish! I can’t help it, I don’t know what he was doing whether he was trying to count or sing along but he was doing it with his mouth in a giant o. Technically not that good but it was so entertaining and he put so much into it. The Cha cha is one of those dances that if the entertainment is good you can kind of forgive the lack of footwork. Best Cha cha of the night entertainment wise and the crowd were so behind him but it was awful as well. Good go though and give him credit he came out and did it. I don’t think ANYONE could believe that dance there wasn’t one person not crying out of laughter in the audience or in the whole building!

‘Looked like you were swallowing a golf ball’ HA! That is true and so forgetting about technique because it was fun! ‘Could have net a whale’ I told you his mouth was open too much. And he did give it welly and did dance the spirit of the dance. It was so much better then last night.

6 - 7 - 7 - 6 = 26
(Overall 47)


Professional Dance - New Pros
Didn’t enjoy it too much. Don’t know why, I like the partnerships and did prefer them in the big group dances but this dance just didn’t work for me.

Professional dance 2
LOVED IT! These pro dances are the one things I so really REALLY miss! Darren and Lila were brilliant, loved the music, even squeed when Ola and James were doing their bit (I can’t believe how much I seem to like them two this year). Kristina and Brian were gorgeous as always. Anton looked brilliant with Erin. Vincent and Flavia were brilliant. How I miss Strictly and the pros when we don’t see them dancing every week.

Tom and Camilla Showdance
Didn’t like it the first time, didn’t like Tom or Camilla either as a couple so not going to say anything.

Katherine Jenkins
Loved her song but I don’t know why or what Flavia and Vincent were doing, it looked like he was just dragging her across the floor when they were on the TV.

Dance off
Ali and Brian safe
Chris and Ola safe
Ricky and Erin safe
Jade and Ian safe
Lynda and Darren safe
Joe and Kristina safe

Rav and Aliona
SOO much better performed. Actually had hips! And what a improvement just moving his hips was. Really gelled, obviously they couldn’t change the choregraphy for the dance off so the dance itself was still a weak one but he performed it amazingly well and danced sooo much better.

Martina and Matthew
Didn’t improve, in fact I think it was worse in the dance off then it was before hand. Made a few mistakes and still didn’t make me like them anymore.

Craig saves Martina
Alesha saves Martina
Bruno saves Rav
Len saves Rav

Rav goes through and Martina went home .

The Last Word
I think Ali and Chris in this group have the most potential early on. Ricky is the most entertaining by a mile. Joe is such a dissapointment and I do love Joe but in two weeks he has to improve. Chris was a total shock! Martina didn't deserve to go but thats the way it goes really. Rav improved so much in his dance off that I think he has a good lot of potential too!

The right couple did not go BUT the right couple in the dance off DID go.

My Leader board
Chris & Ola - 8
Ali & Brian - 7
Jade & Ian - 5
Rav & Aliona - 4
Martina & Matthew - 4
Ricky & Erin - 4
Lynda & Darren - 2
Joe & Kristina - 1

Overall Leader Board
Ali & Brian - 14
Chris & Ola - 14
Jade & Ian - 11
Martina & Matthew - 9
Rav & Aliona - 8
Ricky & Erin - 8
Lynda & Darren - 5
Joe & Kristina - 3

I would have had Joe and Kristina out.

Overall judges board
Ali & Brian - 60
Chris & Ola - 56
Jade & Ian - 52
Ricky & Erin - 47
Martina & Matthew - 46
Lynda & Darren - 44
Rav & Aliona - 41
Joe & Kristina - 32

Can't wait for next week and the return of my bad boy Brendan! As well as seeing the wonderful Vincent dance and could this be Antons year? Plus TUFFERS!!!!!

Till then Keep Dancing!