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Vucinic Addict [userpic]

Strictly Come Dancing Show 1 18/9/09

September 19th, 2009 (02:42 pm)

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How I Feel: happy
What I'm Listening Too: As Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith

Professional Melee
BRILLIANT! Totally missed our professionals though Anton did look a bit lost in the latin parts of the dance. How could I ever say anything about the professionals? Happy that we opened with that.

Rav and Aloni
First impression is that he’s funny, his relationship with Aloni is good very sweet looking couple. Looks like he could go well. And he’s not that bad on the eye either.

An ok first performance. A bit clumpy in places and he was a little wooden, the music didn’t help as it didn’t give the Tango feel to the dance. Because of the music there was a lack of drama which I think might have been there if the music had been dramatic.

Good performance and a nice one to open the first show with.

I agree with Len that he did attack the dance which is always a good thing specially as this is the first dance of the series. Didn’t think the ‘lift’ was anything important many of the pros have included that kind of ‘lift’ and its only ever been Brendan that’s gotten into trouble about it. Agree totally with Craig as well that there is a lot of work to be done but first week and all that.

3 - 6 - 5 - 5 = 19


Ricky and Erin
First impression… Don’t know. Erin is always going to be one of my favourites but I can’t like Ricky.

As ever Erin looked totally GORGOUSE. The music was brilliant for a Waltz. BUT he was a little stiff and had a funny look on his face. It didn’t flow enough and he was quite elegant but I think he didn’t look to brilliant.

Agree a little with Len, he could be a brilliant ballroom dancer, don’t think he really was THAT elegant. Acting skills I didn’t know Ricky had any lol. Craig and Bruno make sense there was no real relationship but that’s something that can be improved. Liked it.

4 - 6 - 6 - 5 = 21


Chris and Ola
First impression is that I might actually like Ola this year shock horror! Seem fun loving and happy.

Good music, attacking from the start. Like his body posture and he’s got the right character from the start. Technically maybe not the best but he got the crowd engaged. A bit of a Kenny Tango face (memories). Personally liked his kicks but they weren’t as sharp as they could be. Ending was ok. Lacked a tiny bit of drama but not much.

Craig wild, passionate and sexy it wasn’t which I might have to agree with. And its true with the lack of acting it was actually a good try. The body contact was good like Len said. And I agree with Alesha that their relationship is good.

6 - 7 - 7 - 6 = 26


Jade and Ian
First impressions. Every time I see her she just smacks me of Alesha mark 2. Her smile will annoy me which sounds horrible but I can’t help it. (IAN IS LOVELY). After seeing the training and she shut up about athletics she actually grew a little on me.

Looked elegant coming out onto the floor. Music was good for a waltz. Looked like a little girl trying to be a princesses more then a dancer. Tried too hard and over acted it. After the start and she got into the hold was better. A bit clumpy and a few stumbles. The ending wasn’t too good either, looked very uncomfortable, but a good effort to start with.

Agree with Alesha she does have potential. Bruno was right she was a bit messy. Craig right as always, clumpy and the lines ruined by hands but her dance was first class.

6 - 7 - 6 - 6 = 25


Group Mambo Training
First impression of the group as a whole. Seems like a friendly group, Natalie seems a little moany. Brendan looks lovely shaking his bum. The guy from Corrie, who is called Craig, is still prettyful and I like him seems sweet. Again Natalie just comes across as moany. Phil actually looked good and so did the actual whole group looking forward to the mambo.

Martina and Matt
First impressions. Seems very friendly and happy. Don’t think her and Matt really are compatible.

Looks beautiful, nice movement, looked elegant and moved really well, used the space well. Messed the ending up a little but was still really nice. Music fitted so well to the dance. Good performance.

Agree with Bruno that she looked very tight. I think Craig picked up that they don’t look very compatible, I think Matt gets on more with bubbly girls like obviously Alesha. And it was gorgeous for a first attempt.

4 - 6 - 6 - 6 = 22


Lynda and Darren
First impression, well its just a little biased as I love Linda. The Ox mum! I do love Lynda though and I think her and Darren could be a good coupling. Happy and fun loving.

Again didn’t like the music killed some of the drama which she portrayed so well through the dance. Her kicks weren’t that brilliant, a bit clumpy in places but good body contact. She had her dress caught on her show but carried on pretty well. Started to look a little tired nearer the end of the dance but the end was quite good. Was a nice dance for the first attempt.

Len was right that she needed a tiny bit more movement and I even agree with Aleshas fierce comment even though she should be talking about a damn lot more then just one word.

3 - 6 - 7 - 5 = 21


Ali and Brian
First impression…. ITS BRIAN!!! I can’t stand Ali BUT ITS BRIAN!!!! ‘nough said. She looks so lost. Look sweet together though. BUT ITS BRIAN!!!!

She reminds me too much of Camilla I don’t know why but she does. The music ruined it, brilliant dance, good lines, good movement sold the dance but the singer was off putting and stopped any emotion really coming through. Used the space really well. Felt like killing someone by the end of the dance though because of the singer. Nice ending and a big smile from Brian which I’ve missed SOOOOO much!

I agree with Craig that sometimes the top line did go but it wasn’t that much. And agree with Len because it was fantastic. Alesha was also right talking about her being the most natural dancer tonight so far. Agree so much best dance I’ve seen and just totally brilliant.

7 - 8 - 8 - 7 = 30


Joe and Kristina
First impression is that I love Joe and I adore Kristina. Joe is very good looking which always helps. And he’s welsh. Seem like a nice couple.

BRILLIANT music choice proper Tango music. Nice start, the technique wasn’t brilliant but the drama was being portrayed. A little hunched, looked like he was stamping too much. He looked too robotic in places. Nice ending though.

Agree that he looked shell shocked, and it did end up being a bit boring like Bruno said. Craig’s long, LONG, long list of problems were all true. And Len also made a point that he should have had more aggression, poor Kristina.

2 - 5 - 5 - 4 = 16


Group Mambo
Nice bright group lol. All looked like they were enjoying it. Started off really strong. Lots of energy. Lots of potential in the group it seems. I can’t help it Natalie looked like a pig with make up on and looked so stupid in her dress but obviously that isn’t her fault. The lifts were impressive. Nice group dance.

Who stood out for Len was Ricky (omg there is two Rickys), Laila, Zoe and Natalie caught Aleshas eyes (and I think she said Ricky too). Bruno thinks Richard had no clue what he was doing and then we have Craig saying Phill Tufnells tongue was marvellous and said good luck to our ‘Darling’ Brendan.

Overall impressions of couples.
I think I’m going to like a few of these couples. Disappointed that I still can’t warm to Ali much but I will do me best for my darling Brian. I think a few of the hot heads have partners this year that will make them more likeable in general *cough*Brendan*cough*. I actually like Chris and Ola and will probably actually end up supporting them. Lynda and Darren look like they will be a lot of fun. I can’t help but love Tuffers anyway and Brendan looks a lot more laid back (but he hasn’t been under pressure this week so we’ll see).

Overall impressions of dancing
I think Joe might be a let down, Ali is wonderful and Chris is such a surprise. I think there is a LOT of potential especially with Ricky and Rav. Can’t really tell about the group dance there wasn’t any individual bits but the other Ricky looked like he might be good and some of the girls looked REALLY good.

Looking forward to tonight.

My Leaderboard
(Though I would like to point out that I do tend to mark them more like Craig as it gives a 10 a real meaning later in the series then if they were getting 8s and 9s this early on)

Ali & Brian - 7
Chris & Ola - 6
Jade & Ian - 6
Martina & Matt - 5
Rav & Aloni - 4
Ricky & Erin - 4
Lynda & Darren - 3
Joe & Kristina - 2