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Vucinic Addict [userpic]

Blah - Another rant this time not in favour of Vince Russo

July 10th, 2009 (07:04 pm)

Where I am: None of your damn beeswax!
How I Feel: cranky
What I'm Listening Too: Shutupaya face

I'm just FED UP of TV. Totally.

I watch like about 6 things in a year not sport related...

Ugly Betty
The Big Bang Theory
Strictly Come Dancing

I think thats it. I do also watch...

F1 coverage on the BBC
MotoGP coverage on Eurosport
Serie A online streams
WWE when I can on online streams
TNA on Bravo

Now that is NOT much! And yet I'm pissed at nearly half of that!

Ugly Betty looks like its going to get dropped by channel 4, that is if it even gets another series. Chuck and the Big Bang Theory are safe for a few more series (YAY). Heroes even though I love it gets shit ALL the time for NO reason. But STRICTLY, Strictly I am bloody sure don't want people watching the show!

They have ALESHA DIXON as a new judge. WTF!? I could judge it better then her! She is too friendly, she is in love with Matt Cutler, she has limited knowledge on performance and has a biased to the way MATT performs as that is what she learnt. How could you replace a judge with her? I have nothing against her other then her laugh but thats just a joke. I'll watch for the same reason I always do Brendan Cole, Anton du Beke and Brian Fortuna.

FOTA have peed me off for the last time. Its about time someone ruled them illegal because they are getting on my tits. Max Moseley just needs to go, but to keep banging on about a break away THEY CAN NOT AFFORD TO RUN is really starting to wind me up. If it wasn't for the Bruno Forum I probably wouldn't bother to watch it.

WWE is boring me. I forget its on its annoying me that much. I don't even know why?! Its just annoying me. I hate it. And I was going to buy a Sky Sports sub just to watch them.

As for TNA. Actually I like TNA at the moment. All the moaners can kiss my ass. Vince Russo is doing a brilliant job. I am a little fed up with MEM, the most annoying thing for me is that I can't watch it all the time because people decide its not important enough for me to watch it.

I've ran out of new WCW things to watch on YouTube and am fed up of my stupid assed YouTube account. Everytime I make a video the music gets pulled on it because of 'copyright'. I'm just going to give up on it now.

In good news lol. Actually there is one bit of good news Mirketto is staying at Roma :D xD =D. I couldn't be more happy!

Theres other bad news in varying amounts. Like I'm going to have to do the 13 week course now :(. 13 weeks of working in a normal job and being paid nothing for my efforts. A whole days work and I'm being paid a big fat 0. I wouldn't mind if I had some kinda of light at the end of the tunnel. It could be 13 weeks of hard work and having to spend my money for nothing though.

I've actually ran out of creativeness. I can't make good icons anymore and I miss my Janko :(. They aren't actually jointed I just miss him :D.

Bah I hate life.

And I hate Pete too.

But I love Vince Russo.

And I love Swampy.

And I love Lucas di Grassi.

And I love Alessandro del Peiro.

And I love Giedo van der Garde.

And I love Giancarlo Fisichella.

Ohhh and Zachy is still the most adorable thing!