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Finally Got The Internet Back!

June 8th, 2009 (06:40 pm)

How I Feel: chipper

I've finally got the internet back after a month of not having it.


Well maybe not a month but nearly a month. Its been awful without being able to go on the Bruno Forum or anything like that.

Anyway the F1 has been brilliant. Some people have VERY short memories as they are saying the season is boring but were the people happy about last year or the Schumacher dominance. HECK one person turned around and said that he found F1 boring but loved Schumis dominance because he was a fan. I am enjoying watching Jenson fullfill his potential. Happy days :D.

Though poor Dani crashing in MotoGP is still making me feel icky and sicky.

I've been put onto this course at A4E by the Jobcentre which has been interesting. Last Monday we had pretty much just an intro day with loads of breaks lol. The guy doing the course (Graham) kinda likes his breaks. The whole point of the 3 days last week was to learn about Confidence and all that stuff to make us feel better and motivated to look for work. On Tuesday we did some work from this booklet thingy and then went and played mini golf. I was awful as always, in a little group of equally as awful people playing away from the main group. BUT on the 18th hole I did get a hole in one :D. The third day we didn't do much again just some work from the books and loads of breaks.

Twas fun and a nice way to lead up to the Turkish GP which I've enjoyed loads. Barrichello is such a numpty!

I got a Freeview + Top up box so now I can record all my TV programmes which is handy :D.

Today... Today we did the assessment things that EVERYONE makes you do. I did really well in my literacy but poorly in my numeracy. Then we did a load of paper work and tomorrow I'll be working on my  CV. If anyone has any key skills I could add to my CV I'd be greatfull lol.

Anyway just nice to have the internet back :D and thanks to anyone that wished me a happy birthday on my birthday sorry I never replied.

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Star Trek

May 8th, 2009 (10:24 pm)

How I Feel: pleased

Right now I have calmed down A LOT I can actually write a review about it!

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Writer's Block: LiveJournal Book Club

April 25th, 2009 (08:35 pm)

Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?
The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett (ok probably spelt it wrong but meh).

I picked it because its funny, his humour can be felt by all kinds of people, you don't have to be super smart and be able to see the satire in it and you don't have to be grown up either to understand the jokes. The characters are at a time when he'd perfected them and his writing style whereas some of his older books seem to miss a little something. Theres a good mix of characters and storylines. And its got the Luggage in it xD what more could you ask for? Its not my favourite Discworld book but its one of them.

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April 20th, 2009 (04:30 pm)

I haven't written here for like a week. And why? Because my sister gave birth to my neice on Monday so haven't had much time to sit down for myself.

Her name is Christine but I call her the WORM OF DOOM! Mainly because they always dress her in Pink and she wiggles a lot like a worm.

Anyway enough about Wormy, I am currently in Sheffield for the Snooker (Wooo Ali) waiting for the evening session. Only been to Saturdays and the morning session today. Was sick so missed Ali winning (but WOOO because he won xD) but will not miss another single SECOND of his matches!

The F1, was brilliant. I loved it. Brilliant race, three of my boys on the podium (WOOOOOO SEBI!!! And Webbo in second and who can forget one of my bearded babies up there). I do like races like that, but too much rain and randomness I just hope this weekend we get a normal race at Bahrain!

Ohh and SOOO looking forward to going to see Star Trek now xD. All my Zach obsession isn't helping me. I've brought a hoodie, some red material and tomorrow will start cutting out "SArmy Zach Quinto" into the back of it. I don't know what else I should do, just incase people don't realise I'm a Zach Quinto fan... Though I will also wear a Spock t-shirt. OK techincally its my Nimmoy shirt but Zach/Nimmoy it REALLY doesn't matter because Nimmoy has always been my weird crush and Zach is my obsession right now other then Mirketto.

So yes thats me done, off to see if Roma actually WON a game for a change!

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Writer's Block: Looking Back

April 14th, 2009 (04:20 pm)

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
Me, amazingly lol. It was like a profile thing I had just done for Bebo and I thought I'd add it to here when I made the account. I had no idea what else to write.

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Next Week Tin Helmets At The Ready

April 12th, 2009 (12:57 pm)

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FIA Court Case Number 1 of the 2009 Season.

Coming to you next week.

And we've only had 2 races.

Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams


Ferrari, BMW, Renault and Red Bull

With the professional gwarpers that are McLaren (or should that be professional liers).

And you don't have too long to go till

FIA Court Case Number 2 of the 2009 Season.

Coming to you the week after next.

And then there would have only been 3 races.



Anyone with a moral backbone in them.

The first case, which is the Diffuser row, should go in favor of the Diffuser teams. After all its totally over hyped. Teams keep saying, well look at them doing this and that, but remember Kubica and Vettel COULD have been on the Podium in Australia. It wasn't the diffuseres that caused their accident. And Vettel WAS in the top 3 quali in Malaysia, again not the diffusers problem. Teams are just bitter that Brawn, Williams and Toyota thought of something they didn't.

As for the second. FIA throw the book at them! But don't ban them as Heikki Kovalainen didn't do anything wrong poor ickle Finnish thing! Or maybe I'm just fed up of people acting like this is some big conspiracy, McLaren lied EVEN IN THE FACE OF EVIDENCE! If it had been Hamilton in Trullis place everyone would have wanted Trullis balls by now. Heikki and Jarno are the victims not the other bunch of McLaren fools who thought they could get away with it.

Rant of the day over. (Brought on by the news I can't see GP2 this year because the BBC sold the rights to Setanta >:( I can't watch Lucas win the championship who thought that was a good idea?)

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Heroes : Episode The Asylum

April 9th, 2009 (02:11 pm)

I loved this weeks show, it kinda showed all the bits off that I got into the show for. Not been a long term fan, but as I haven't seen half of series 3 either it doesn't matter lol.

IF YOUR ABOUT TO READ THIS AND WATCHING BBC2 RUN OF HEROES DON'T lol, just I can't be bothered to put it behind a cut and I watch BBC3 run and sometimes watch the American run. I don't know if anyone on my journal watches Heroes or not but just to make sure.

Sylar for a start is back to his evil ways xD how happy can I be about that? He's evil and he's working with one of the boring 'bad' guys. So alls fun. Only problem... He's now got Shape Shifting Abilities *GRRRR* meaning it'll be like Wheres Sylar in coming episodes. I hope not because I don't want to be forever guessing which one is Sylar. But his evilness just rocks, specially in this episode!

Danko is a boring bad guy, theres nothing bad about him. Now a bad guy should be evil and mysterious and even when you find out the background of a character they still manage to be mysterious. Danko is none of these things. He just doesn't like the Heroes. Now he's with Sylar he might get better, but he can't be a evil bad guy so he's just a pathetic non-powered loser that wants to kill people. NO WAY can they have him kill Sylar! I'm still worried Sylar is going to die lol, paranoid more like, but people keep saying he might, and then there was an interview with Brian Fuller saying we'll find out more about Sylar in the last ep, and I'm just worried he's going  :(.

Anyway on with the review.

Patrelli family just ROCKS! Angelina is my 100% fav female character, same reason Sylar is. She's just so evil but at the same time isn't. She is just brilliant, the scenes in the church were some of my favourites. I like her relationship with Peter, and I liked the fact Noah found them and left them too it. I was worried that she might get caught and can't go on being evil pyscho mummy lol. And I've heard a rumour one of the last episodes is Mamma Patrelli based xD!

Peter is better when he's with his mum or brother. Season 2 he was SUCH a wet blanket, and I think thats why I didn't like him much in Season 2. Thankfully now he's cuter. I like how he's a mummys boy even though his parents didn't sound the nicest.

Claire and Nathan... Bored me a bit. They were BETTER specially Claire. And..... I'm not proud to admit it but Nathan wasn't half bad looking in that ep either xP. He didn't look like Superman, so he looked pretty hot lol.

Noah still rocks as the only non-powered bad guy. Really he does rock! Anyone who says he doesn't sucks xP.

Overall a brilliant story and a brilliant episode. Its a shame my mind is only half on it with the impending return of the Dwarf boys tomorrow night xD xD xD! But its the best episode I've seen so far of Series 3, Sylar is back to being brilliant - whoever came up with having Sylar in the wet..... I want you babies! The smexiest scene so far. I'm SOOO excited to see how it all ends.

Tomorrow night though another Sci-Fi, cult classic THE BOYS ARE BACK!!! Red Dwarf is coming...

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Writer's Block: What is your name?

April 9th, 2009 (02:09 pm)

If you were to have another name, what would it be?
Ororo. I like that name, Storm is one of my favourite X-Men aswell (not Halle Berries Storm, she was a wet blanket, the Goddess like Storm from the comics and the animated series). Though it does suffer the Banana treatment, you know how many Os and Rs are there kinda thing.

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Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies

April 8th, 2009 (12:20 pm)

If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?
MIRKO! lol.

I don't know, I'd probably name it after the guy that I'm most obsessed with at that time... And then hate it because I wanted to name it something else. Mirko, Alessandro, Jenson, di Grassi... Theres sooo many names.

Ohh but I think the best would probably be Senna, I might get massive love from any F1 fans in Brazil lol.

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McLaren 'Lie-Gate'

April 7th, 2009 (10:48 pm)
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I am no fan of Hamilton, but I DO have A LOT of respect for McLaren so this isn't going to be some kind of anti-McLaren rant this is just my view from the facts I know. Agree or disagree as you will but its just my opinon.

After the Australian GP Jarno Trulli had his 3rd place taken away from him for overtaking Lewis Hamilton under the safety car. We have been led to believe, and it is pretty much a fact now that Lewis Hamilton and Dave Ryan told the FIA that Jarno overtook on his own steam and that in NO WAY DID MCLAREN TELL HAMILTON TO LET HIM PAST!

The Wednesday after, the Australian Stewards traveled to Malaysia to start an inquiry into what had actually been said by McLaren in the inital inquiry. Toyota COULD NOT AND DID NOT APPEAL THE PENALTY!

The Stewards then decided that McLaren had lied to ensure a fellow driver was penalised. The penalty was taken away from Trulli and McLaren was DQ'd from Australia.

The FIA then gave us enough evidence to prove that this decision was right.

We have onboards with Trulli showing that Hamilton let him through. A radio conversation between Hamilton and McLaren telling him to let Trulli through. After the race Hamilton gave an interview to SpeedTV which clearly states from his own mouth he gave the place up. Undeniable proof Hamilton let Trulli through.

Why is this important?

Well McLaren told the stewards that Trulli overtook Hamilton under his own steam. It actually turns out Hamilton let him through. How is Trulli meant to stay behind Hamilton if he pulls off the racing line and doesn't accelerate? Hamilton CLEARLY lets him through and therefore Trulli can not be penalised as he had nothing else to do.

I know a lot of Hamilton/McLaren fans that say they want proof that McLaren lied in the stewards office.

Well here it is, Dave Ryan was suspended and has now been fired, Martin Whitmarsh has came out and said that they did it by accident and Hamilton has admitted it. Now if the stewards lied about it, a team like McLaren would make sure the whole world knew that it was a lie. They always play the victim card at a time like this (like any team that have been told they are lying and aren't) but they haven't. You can say what you like about the FIA and stewards but unless McLaren turn around and say they did not lie to them you can't say the stewards have got it wrong.

Now it comes out that in the inquiry before the Malaysian GP, McLaren where given more then one chance to change their story, even with the radio proof that their story was a lie, they carried on with their story. So even after the Stewards gave them a chance to take it back and the proof they were lying McLaren carried on with the lie in the attempt to get another driver penalised.

McLaren are now facing the FIA on the 29th April.

That is pretty much the FACTS of what happened.

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