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Vucinic Addict [userpic]

The Strictly Debate - Alesha Dixon

September 23rd, 2009 (04:15 pm)

Where I am: Digital Spy
How I Feel: sad

Right so this is my view on the Alesha Dixon debate.

When she danced on the show I couldn't stand her. I thought her personality was annoying and reminded me of a child. Her laugh annoyed me. And I never clicked with her dancing (though I know it was technically good I do like to be moved by a dance). Personally I'd rather a cruddy dancer had won over her. But thats just me.

Now she's a judge.

OK when I heard about it I had my doubts. And yes in a way those doubts have been true. But just leave the girl alone will you?

Her lack of experience in the dance world leaves her giving vague annoying comments, and to be honest I don't think we've got her personality out yet like Craig being the big mean one, Len being the blokey one and Bruno needing to be chained to his chair. I think she tried in places like trying to do Lens 7, or the whole Ricky should get points for wearing pink comments, but it takes a while.

Her marking was ok, it very rarely went over the top (though the 7 for Lynda? OK I love her but darling come on!) and never went too low (though my marking is more like Craigs anyway and I thought noone really went higher then 7 this weekend).

Yes her comments are sometimes awful and she looks like a lost sheep but give her time and she might blossom.

I was no fan or Arlenes neither did I want her to go. The 4 judges were iconic for the show. As I said you had Craig who could be rotten and the 'villian' of the judges but who always gave constructive critism aswell as vile comments, Arlene was the excitable female who came out with some weird alliterative comments but who again would give good critism at times. Len is fast becoming the grumpy old man but still acts up the cheeky chappy routine at times. And Bruno was the overly excitable and overly energetic monkey on the end who just makes everyone laugh. It worked. And has done since Strictly started. Why mess it up?

They want Alesha there to be the voice of the couples, but then that just means we're going to get bland comments from her because she knows its hard. Its not going to help. Or atleast carrying on like this week won't help.

What I'd like to see happen with her is this...

Don't try to comment too much on the dancing but the performance and help tutor the celebs into feeling safe to let out their personalities. Instead of being nicey nice to everyone tell them what on the fan side of thing would let them down and something they did well like Ricky was awful in his cha cha but he gave the auidence a big dose of his personality and was able to show he was a character. Bring the other judges critism down a bit to reflect that this is just a light hearted competition. Don't let them get worked up in the first weeks and keep them calm. Keep motivating them the way Matthew did you but don't start trying too hard like you did on Saturday.

Alesha isn't the worst thing to happen to Strictly and will probably not be the last big change noone likes.

Can we just move on please?