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Wrestling Rant - My Defence of Vinnie Ru

July 4th, 2009 (07:06 pm)

Where I am: Russo World
How I Feel: giggly
What I'm Listening Too: Buff Bagwells Music... That man... Such a laugh!

Now Vince Russo. He must be one of the most well known men in wrestling purely because everyone seems to hate the man.

Personally I love him. I think he's a genius, and on a more shallow note I think he's freakin' gawjus and very funny.

Now whether you like it or not wrestling has to be ENTERTAINING! You must be totally shitting me if you try and tell me that WWE is as big as it is purely because of the wrestling. Mainly because one of their biggest stars is one John Cena! I am one of those people who love WRESTLING, when I say that I love watching wrestling. Whether its a gimmicky match, a submission match or just a pure brawl. I love wrestling.

But I also love the backstage stuff. I don't care if its well put together like some movie speech or just some rambled crap. Come on some of the greatest wrestlers have been awful on the mic, Bret Hart sucked! Undertaker sucks! Davey Boy Smith... Well I never understood what he was saying. Scott Steiner... Is terrifying when he has the mic in his hand. But it made you laugh (and still does). It builds a character. It gives something that they can play with, running jokes about Booker Ts stupid accent or Scott Steiner being unbearably awful.

But when ever a fan seems to hate something it is ALWAYS Vince Russo's fault. Why? When he does things good no one sits there saying 'OMG how brilliant is Vince Russo' but when he gets it wrong then its Fire Russo chants all around. I love how he seems to face this critism with a laugh and just carries on, because he's one of the things that wrestling will miss when he retires.

Vince Russo was one of the main forces behind the Attitude Era in WWE. An Era that all fans hark on about being the best part of wrestling history. For that Vince Russo deserves respect! Of course TNA aint' going to be like that, he's turned into a born again Christian and has constantly talked about how he regrets being a part of it. He's not going to write all that kind of stuff because it isn't what he believes anymore. Yes thats a shame for anyone that likes it, but if he can't write it then it doesn't make what he does write awful. Yeah back then it was cool, but if he did turn around and re-write the Attitude Era for TNA it would be treated the same as when he tried to do it with WCW. No one would point out that HE wrote all the stuff it would all be 'They are just copying WWE blah blah blah...'

Face it the Attitude Era has gone. The world has turned. Half the things that they were doing won't be tolerated anymore. It wouldn't be new because its all been done. Wrestling needs to find a new angle, yeah I'm one who loved the Attitude Era and would love it to be like that but it just wouldn't work anymore so get over it and stop blaming Vince for it not being like that any more.

Then I get annoyed with people who place the death of WCW on the hands of Vince Russo. He did not kill WCW. WCW killed WCW. Not one person, but every single person. Not one of them were leading WCW, Vince is a genius but he does need to be slapped (not really slapped) when he goes over board and noone did that in WCW. But what he did write, especially his involvment in the New Blood stuff, was what nearly saved WCW. It is sad that WCW died, I loved WCW, when it was around and especially in 2000 I was a huge WCW and WWE fan. They both had good things and bad things. Anyone who sits there saying WWE was always better then WCW are having a giraffe! One week WWE would suck, the other WCW would suck. But the New Blood storyline was a brilliant story line that could have saved WCW if it hadn't been too late.

Why suddenly it was Vinnies fault I don't bloody know. I remember being in total love with him. The 'MR RUSSO! MR RUSSO!' from Mark Madden will live in my memory forever. Plus whenever things going wrong for him (not just in the NB stuff but later in TNA) when he would hide his head and look so defeated and I just want to give him a hug! WCWs demise was a factor of a lot of things, maybe Vince had a role in it, but that doesn't mean it was just him. He's just an easy target.

Now with TNA everyone babbles on about wanting proper wrestling, a product that will fight with WWE blah blah blah. When he does a good match a REAL good match like Joe/Angle Lockdown 08 people whine because its too mat based and they want wrestling. Then when they have brilliant X-Div matches people bitch that its too spotty and gimmicky. TNA have been around since 02, WWE were around a lot longer before they became the biggest show. All the things that the fans bitch and moan about is what MADE the Attitude Era.

People moan about Gimmick matches. But what would you call all the matches that the Undertaker was in? KotM, Elevation X, the big red cage thingy which I can't remember the name of (mainly because they changed the name the last time they had it on)... How is that different from Burried Alive Matches or Cage Matches? Boiler Room Brawls, Inferno Matches... Yeah sometimes he goes overboard, but sometimes people are just being picky.

Vince Russo is good behind the scenes and he's good on camera. He gets real heat because people only know him. They don't bother to get facts straight they know that Russo is there and blame him for everything.

I personally want Russo back on screen being stupid because TNA is too serious right now. They need a heel like Russo who would make you laugh but make you want to hate him too.

Currently I'm watching Vince when he took control of Miss Elizabeth and you just laugh. I don't think its a horrible storyline and I don't think it was acted out badly. Vince is a genius and I love him.

This rant kinda got off what I was trying to say because I'm watching WCW, trying to talk to a new member on the BSFF and update the website as well as trying to find photos of Bruno at Goodwood. I will come back and make another rant about why Vince just rocks... But when I'm not doing anything else :P.