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End of the Week

June 12th, 2009 (07:20 pm)

Where I am: Ry-Rys house
How I Feel: surprised
What I'm Listening Too: Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

Its been a good week. I've really enjoyed the Gateway to work course. Still got a week to go, don't really want to go in on Wednesday and the mock interviews but you know have to do what you have to do to get a job.

I now have a new shiney CV and base Spec and Cover letters. Next week I have the target of applying for 25 jobs and I'm waiting for a call from the guys down at the local garage really want to get the part time job from down there.

The only really interesting thing thats happened to me was the pen/paper war today. Becky and Terry started chucking pens at each other because Terry keeps saying she likes Shane. She hates Shane and Terry thinks thats a sign that she fancies him. So they've been chucking pens at each other. Then Shane started chucking Paper Airplanes around and Bill was chucking them back. He managed to hit me twice and then once with a screwed up bit of paper and nearly clobbered me a fourth time with another screwed up ball. I don't think he took my threat of stuffing the paper down his throat very seriously though.

The week has been really good when it comes to Bruno Senna pics though =D very happy with it. Got loads of them. Specially love the ones with him and Tiago Monteiro, I forgot how lovely my Tiego is.

My head right now is in a good place I'm happy to say =) very strange for me to be in a good place but I am. Looking forward to the MotoGP and Le Mans this weekend, looking forward a bit to next week. I really like the people I'm on the course with, just a shame that we'll probably all lose contact after next week.

Anyway must go and do some more work. Plus I am in an on going arguement about the Job Centre which is always fun!